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What Happens after Suicide


by Tammie Osborne


Cautionary Memoir. Riveting.


In Through Widow’s Eyes: What Happens after Suicide, Tammie Osborne pulls back the curtain on the darkest chapter of her life, navigating readers through the heart-wrenching aftermath of her husband's tragic suicide, the likely consequence of a devastating business deal that became his final straw. 

Reflecting on her almost decade-long battle with the aftermath, Tammie exposes raw, uncomfortable truths and shares vital principles and lessons she wished she had learned before tragedy struck. Skillfully weaving between past and present, she offers an intimate portrayal of the highs and lows of her early life, highlights circumstances that led her to marry the love of her life and explores the personal and societal pressures that contributed to her husband's despair and final act. 

But this poignant memoir is not just a chronicle of grief: it's a beacon of resilience as Tammie learns to make sense of the senseless in micro-stages that, in retrospect, offer a roadmap for readers who might be experiencing similar situations. 

Tammie Osborne's memoir invites readers to confront their own shadows, find hope and healing, and discover the courage to face life's challenges. In short, Through Widow’s Eyes: What Happens after Suicide is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. 


A Treasure Trove of Lessons Learned


Through a Widow's Eyes

   When we marry, we profess our undying Love for another. We promise to love the other person through sickness and health until death do us part, no matter what, and forever, right? So, what happens when the one who promised you that your “forever together” would be in the hands of God chooses your “forever date” for you? 
   Do I run and hide? Am I supposed to die with him? Am I allowed to continue to live? Am I supposed to stop living life or live it just as we had planned together? Who can I trust? Who should make decisions for me during this new and ever-changing daily schedule? How long should I wait before I give my heart away again? And will that ever happen? Will I ever be comfortable with someone else enough to entrust my heart and soul to them?
   And what about those left behind—the ones you thought loved you that resemble vultures more than loved ones? Do they really love me, or are they having a “moment” where coping with the loss looks like greed? How do I know who my true team is, and what do I do with those who aren’t but won’t go away? How can I risk having them around when I am trying to heal?


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