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The Stories of Four Burn Pit Survivor Families Who Found Friendship in Their

Fight to Win the Largest Veteran

Medical Bill in American History


by Kim Hughes, Kevin Hensley, Tim Hauser, and Gina Cancelino


A Memoir about the Effects of
Biological & Chemical Warfare


For decades, American Warfighters have come home from overseas only to find that they weren't done fighting. They knew from what they had seen, smelled, photographed, and recorded that toxic fumes from burn pits were causing cancer, respiratory illness, and other devastating illnesses. Still, the same government that exposed them to toxins argued that their illnesses were unconnected to that exposure.

And a triumph arrived through the PACT Act signed into law August 10, 2022. With this law, veterans end the decades-long gaslighting of government reps and win treatment for chronic and terminal illnesses as well as survivor benefits for their families. Find out how it happened through the stories of four unlikely American friends who never gave up.


Here are the inspiring stories of four military families who found in each other the strength, persistence, and will to fight for all Warfighters to receive justice for burn pit exposure. They describe themselves as a "family through tragedy, advocating for triumph."


Authored by Kimberly Hughes, Kevin Hensley, Tim Hauser, and Gina Cancelino.




American Comedian | Activist

The passage of the PACT Act, which will bring much needed medical help and care for veteran survivors of burn pits and their families, is a victory that means a lot to me. Just like the first responders on the scene during the September 11 attacks, these veterans were harmed in the process of doing their jobs. Since Congress hired them to do those dangerous jobs, it’s only right that Congress continues to support their medical care and expenses.
A lot of people fought side by side to get this historic piece of legislation passed. We needed every single voice, every single story. Everyone, from members of huge veteran organizations to volunteers with smaller ones, played a vital part in helping Congress do the right thing.

When Le Roy and Rosie Torres from Burn Pits 360 called me about veterans that were sick and dying from toxic exposure, I knew I had to get involved. These veterans took an oath to protect our country, and Congress took an oath to take care of these veterans when they returned home. Congress failed them.

I worked closely with Rosie and Le Roy Torres and Burn Pits 360 during the fight to pass the PACT Act. In that time, I got to know some of the volunteers who showed up to tell their stories. Four of those volunteers were Gina Cancelino and Kimberly Hughes, two widows fighting for veterans and survivors, and Kevin Hensley and Tim Hauser, two veterans sick from their toxic exposure fighting for their brothers and sisters. They showed up faithfully and frequently to keep the pressure on Congress. They walked the halls of our legislature and told the truth to powerful people without backing down. They brought energy, enthusiasm, and much needed hope to this fight.

As they continued to advocate over time, the bond they formed turned into one akin to a family. They looked out for one another, supported each other during the difficult times and ensured that each of their stories were heard. They knew that by pushing each other to continue on, they’d help so many others in the end.

I’m pleased that they’ve collected their stories here in The Promise. I can say based on my relationship with these four individuals that they are compassionate, dedicated, and honorable. And what you’re about to read will give you an insider’s take on burn pits, military service, family, and fighting for what you believe in.

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