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The Breath of Lightning


by Kilian J. Stier


Loner. Dark Fantasy. Coming of Age.


A spark shall open your eyes...

Book of Salvador, Sybil 27:10


Legend says there was a time before this world when mankind had not received the blessing of the divine stones-the ores... And then a new hierarchy was born. Regarded with awe, the lucky few who could wield these powerful ores were anointed the "second-kind," a newfound class now elevated above the humble "first-kind."


The five kingdoms formed, and the sinister Kahn, the mighty son of the Tierran house, invaded the Kingdom of Éclair, destroying all in his path. For the last half-century, the House of Éclair has wept for its long-lost master. Hope is not yet lost for the world, however.


The oracles have spoken of fortunes to come. For another prophecy has been made, announcing the coming of a new heir.

A spark shall open your eyes...



In a time before this world, mankind had not received the blessing of the divine stones—the ores. The world  depended wholly on Mother Nature and her mercy for its prosperity and the continuing existence of civilization. History speaks of this time as the Primitive Age. With a simple discovery, however, nothing remained as it was before. Millennia ago, in pursuit of gold, miners flocked to the canyons. With their yearning ambitions and vague hopes, the miners searched deep beneath the surface. Some said they were blind with vanity, obsessed with something unreal. Indeed, many of these reckless pioneers returned home empty-handed. Whatever has been said of them, people today call them the Gaon. 

Five of them traversed deeper into the valley than the others and came across a mountain, the Mountain Mitera. They went farther until they hit upon something they had never seen before, something far more valuable than gold, something rare and powerful. These five miners were the First Five, the founders of the ores: the power stones. And for generations, the world sang their stories.

Each precious ore had a unique power and only answered to its own master. People rushed back to the mines, desperate for a piece of the new world order.

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