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School Founder &


My initial career path led me into education, where I spent three years teaching from 1997 to 2000 in Florida and Tennessee. In August 2000 I founded a small, non-traditional school in Franklin, Tennessee, called Stone Table that combined the emerging classical school model of education, which emphasized principled learning, and encompassing character development, particularly addressing the challenges faced by adolescents as they transition into adulthood. As Stone Table expanded, logistical considerations led to a relocation into an urban setting, necessitating adjustments in our approach. This shift prompted a greater emphasis on civic engagement and cultural awareness, preparing students to navigate the complexities of contemporary society, including the realm of popular culture. 


During the transition to a high school-level institution, my role evolved to that of a mentor and advisor, guiding students through critical life decisions, facilitating college admissions processes, and identifying opportunities aligned with their career aspirations. As the student body grew, I maintained a personalized approach, providing individualized support. After a decade of operation, I closed Stone Table in September 2011, reflecting on the institution's impact and the valuable experiences gained throughout its existence.


Educational Entrepreneur

While running the school I founded, I wrote a little book in 2006 called, POMO: Seven Traits of Children Born After 1989, offering my own insights into generational traits and educational paradigms that were popular at the time. I had also created an online psychometric called Total Personality Tendency, which later evolved into Traitmarker, an online tool designed to reveal subconscious personality traits. Upon closing my school, POMO and Traitmarker became the basis of the educational consulting company I founded called Pomozone. 


Having established the first official Chinese Language program in Williamson County, Tennessee, also earned me invitations to China as an educational innovator in November 2011, where I visited schools in three different provinces and eventually wrote POMO: A Short Social Commentary on American Post-Cold War Education.  


As an educational entrepreneur from 2011 to 2015, I advised educators and entrepreneurs on bettering relationships with their students and employees, conducting workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions, and eventually found a niche in working with a number of American military veterans who were transitioning into civilian roles.


Book Publisher 


As I began assisting a few military veterans in their transition to civilian life, I found that I could effectively convey their experiences in a way that resonated with civilians. This involved advocating for them, crafting resumes, and transforming their stories into narratives that others could appreciate. This realization marked a pivotal moment in my career, propelling me towards the path of writing and publishing books, beginning with the transformative memoir genre.

While my wife and I had some experience in the publishing world since 2001, primarily focusing on writing and editing, our involvement quickly expanded. We found ourselves traversing the United States and eventually venturing overseas. Each book project provided invaluable insights into the human experience, but a few stood out at the time. Notably, Sergeant to CEO by Sean Jensen, Higher, Faster, Longer by commercial astronaut Wally Funk, Little House on the High Plains by Carl Schneider, and Tiger of Beijing by Joy Kong left lasting impressions on us because of the life situations we were experiencing at the time. When you see the questions of your own story answered in the story of another, the benefit you receive is momentous. It's for that reason I have been appreciative for every author that has come my way.

Storytelling Advisor &
Publishing Coach


As I foresaw significant changes in the publishing industry due to the democratization of publishing platforms. This prompted me to explore alternative avenues for delivering storytelling value beyond traditional book publishing. The possibilities were diverse: crafting ad copy for messaging campaigns, developing scripts for online education, engaging in screenwriting, composing speeches, and crafting vision statements. However, as artificial intelligence emerged as a tool for content creation, I realized the importance of offering unique value that AI cannot replicate: human connection.

Recognizing the profound impact of personal storytelling beyond mere professional duties, I founded Traitmarker Media to emphasize this aspect of human connection. Sharing meaningful stories, distinct from everyday tasks, offers a cathartic experience that enriches the author's life. At Traitmarker Media, our focus is on facilitating this catharsis while also exploring opportunities for clients to expand their exposure through avenues such as speaking engagements, television appearances, and movie scripts. However, our approach is not to deliver canned narratives, but rather to craft authentic and compelling stories that resonate with audiences. This requires authors to evolve alongside changing times and deliver narratives that inspire their audience to emulate their journey.

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