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Reborn: Virtues Constellation

by Justin A. Williams

Turns Ancient Mythology on Its Head



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July 11, 2024, 03:00 CST

New York, NY – [July 11, 2024, 2024] – Traitmarker Media LLC is thrilled to release Reborn: Virtues Constellation, a captivating young adult (YA) novel by debut author Justin A. Williams. This groundbreaking book weaves elements of magic, mystery, and ancient mythology in a college setting.


Reborn: Virtues Constellation introduces us to Christian Belvedere, a student at the prestigious Parthenon University. He comes from privilege, his wealthy, power-couple parents both shielding and smothering him, donating millions to the university, and pulling its strings on his behalf. That was irritating but manageable—until Christian’s mind played tricks on him.


We meet Christian in recovery from a mental break that had him shouting naked on the quad about the gods attacking the school. Christian’s collapse ruined his relationship with his girlfriend, Ditė, the daughter of a family just as noteworthy as Christian’s. Ditė publicly shamed Christian, urging the rest of the student body to regard him as troubled and dangerous. Determined to put that break behind him, Christian leaves treatment determined not to believe in anything out of the ordinary.


Then, the extraordinary demands his notice.


Wep, a cheerful and unpredictable messenger from the Duat, reveals Christian’s identity as one of the Egyptian pantheons. He demands his help to foil a plot by the Greek gods bent on world domination. They established Parthenon University centuries ago just to bait and control young godlings like Christian, whose sacrifice will power a spell to deliver the world into their hands.


But what can one student—who’s still unsure if he’s battling a mental health issue—do against the gods?


Full of mystery, humor, and warmth, Reborn: Virtues Constellation reveals an entire world that isn’t what any of us thought, and it gives us a hero who is both inspiring and down to earth. As Christian faces the unbelievable, he has to learn to understand and rely on himself and his own judgment, something he’s been conditioned not to do. Growing up and becoming himself will draw on strength he never knew he had—and it will change the course of the world.


A native New Yorker, Justin Williams attended Princeton University to study Comparative Religion and graduated from Rider University. While working as an editor and writer at the multimedia company New York Trend, he attended Rutgers University for graduate school, earning a master’s degree in political science. He worked for The New Jersey Institute for Social Justice and The New Jersey Office for Homeland Security. He now teaches college and career prep classes at Hempstead High School and is a grant advisor at Nassau Community College. Justin is also the producer and host of the podcast “The Trend.” His debut novel, Reborn, is the first in a planned series.

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