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Kurdish-born American

Actor, & Film Producer




HAYMAN HOMER is an American actor and film producer. His leading role performances emerge from the groundbreaking portrayal of Jesus Christ in the epic historical drama movie The Messiah (2024), earning him the distinction of being the first Kurd to take on this iconic character. Hayman's diverse talent also shines in his portrayal of a war medic in the gripping war drama short film Aman (2024).

Hailing from a Kurdish heritage that adds depth and resonance to his work, Hayman's roots trace back to the heart of the Kurdish capital of Erbil, an ancient city steeped in urban history, rich in culture, and adorned with the resilience of its people. Fostering a deep connection to his family, Hayman's formative years were shaped by the tales of his old country. His father, Homer Eli, a member of the Kurdish Peshmerga Intelligence Forces, sacrificed his life in defense of the Kurds. After the loss of his father at the tender age of 10, he was raised by his single mother, Bediah Azeez, who faced the monumental task of raising him and his seven siblings: five brothers and two sisters.



After finishing high school and learning five languages, Hayman embarked on a journey. Living in England, France, Italy, and Greece, he immersed himself in the cultural tapestry of new lands, absorbing their nuances and adding yet another layer to his evolving identity, obtaining a bachelor's degree in political science and international relations along the way.

Hayman's passion for storytelling led him to pursue further studies in acting and film in Nashville, Tennessee. Eventually, the United States became his new homeland as he divides his time between Nashville, Tennessee, and Los Angeles, California.




Hayman's impact extends beyond film. He has left his mark in numerous Hollywood and country music videos, as well as national and global campaign commercials. Hayman's upcoming ambitious project is bringing the saga of Kawa the Blacksmith to life as a Hollywood blockbuster. With his dedication and vision, he aims to share this rich and powerful story with audiences worldwide, cementing his legacy as a storyteller and cultural ambassador.

In the kaleidoscope of artistic narratives, Hayman Homer emerges as a visionary whose journey spans continents and cultures. From the vibrant landscapes of Kurdistan to the global stages of the United States, Europe, and the Middle East, his story is a testament to the power of diversity in art, identity, and education.

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