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Mental Health Pioneer

Dr. Teresa Taylor Williams 

Unveils Powerful Autobiography


Death of the Good Girl:

A Memoir of Love, Betrayal, and Courage


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July 11, 2024, 03:00 CST

New York, NY – [June 19, 2024] – Dr. Teresa Taylor Williams, a trailblazer in publishing, academic support, professional development, and mental health, is proud to announce the release of her highly anticipated autobiography, Death of the Good Girl: A Memoir of Love, Betrayal, and Courage. This compelling book offers a profound look into the life of a woman who has not only shattered glass ceilings but has also emerged victorious from personal tragedy. 


Death of the Good Girl is a testament to Dr. Williams's indomitable spirit and her journey from heartbreak to healing. It is a story of resilience, self-discovery, and redemption, set against a mid-20th-century African-American community in New York City. Through her trials of cancer, betrayal, and financial ruin, Dr. Williams found the strength to rebuild and redefine herself, offering a powerful narrative of courage and the human spirit's unyielding strength. 


As the CEO and founder of TTW Associates, Inc., Dr. Williams has been a beacon of hope and guidance for countless individuals seeking academic and professional growth. Her expertise as a Licensed Mental Health Clinician has provided a sanctuary for those navigating the complexities of grief, family dynamics, and adolescent challenges. 


Dr. Williams's influence extends beyond her thriving consultant firm. She has been a guiding light for school districts across New York State, advocating for educational excellence and equitable learning opportunities. Her voice, featured on prestigious platforms such as Good Morning America, GMA3, ABC-TV News, and CNN, has allowed her to share her insights on critical mental health issues. 


In addition to her role as a consultant and clinician, Dr. Williams has made significant contributions to the academic community as a professor of psychology and a published author. Her work sheds light on the educational disparities and the pivotal role of social-emotional learning and mental health for students of color.


As the visionary owner and publisher of New York Trend, Dr. Williams continues empowering and uplifting voices within the media landscape, fostering community and diversity across New York, Nassau, and Suffolk counties. 


Death of the Good Girl is available now in paperback and ebook forms on online retailers. For more information about Dr. Teresa Taylor Williams and her work, please visit 


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