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An Irish Faerie Tale

based on the children's book written by Eamonn O'Keeffe

and illustrated by Cristina del Moral


The story follows young Eamonn and his sister Lella as they navigate the dense woods near their village, encountering the enigmatic figure of Auld Carty, a mysterious man who holds the land's secrets. But when Eamonn falls deathly ill and the Far Side boys take advantage, another mysterious person makes their presence known, coming to Eamonn in his time of need. Who is this mysterious person, and how does she help Eamonn heal and stop the Far Side Boys from causing havoc?

timeless. vintage. magical.



The ANIMATION STYLE will pay homage to the hand-drawn aesthetic of classic animated films, with fluid movement, expressive character designs, and attention to detail in every frame. The colors will be vibrant, reflecting the Irish landscape's natural beauty and its folklore's timeless magic. Referencing the animation of The Hobbit, which they produced in Japan at Topcraft Studios, though Arthur Rankin Jr. primarily designed it in the United States, the art style of finely detailed lines on the characters and backgrounds captures a feeling of turn-of-the-century illustrations from classic children’s literature. I see us doing something similar that would capture the attention of Boomers and GenXers for its nostalgia and gain the admiration of GenZers because of its vintage feel.

AT ITS HEART Blanca and the Ogham Stone will celebrate the power of storytelling, the enduring spirit of Ireland's Seanchaí tradition, and the relevance of both to a postmodern American audience. Through lush, vivid animation, the audience will be immersed in the vibrant greenery of the Irish countryside, with every frame evoking a sense of timelessness, magic, and wonder. Through its captivating animation and heartfelt narrative, the short will transport audiences to a world where ancient myths and modern struggles collide, leaving them inspired and enchanted by the magic of Irish folklore.


In the spirit of the Seanchaí (traditional Irish storytellers), Eamonn O'Keeffe relays a children's story, inspired by events of his youth while growing up in a very different Ireland where faeries exist and banshees were at large. Young Eamonn and his sister Lella find themselves alone in the woods where they almost come face-to-face with Auld Carty, a mysterious man whom the parents of their village have warned their children about.


When Eamonn gets deathly ill and the Far Side boys take advantage, another mysterious person makes their presence known, coming to Eamonn in his time of need. Who is this mysterious person, and how does she help Eamonn heal and stop the Far Side Boys from making havoc?


Written for the child with a vivid imagination, Eamonn's magical story is sure to offer both a beautiful and breathtaking adventure from another place and time that the reader will swear that every word of it is true.

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  • Nostalgia for Classic Animation Styles. Those who have a nostalgic appeal for hand-drawn animation reminiscent of classic animated films. Market trends indicate a growing interest in nostalgic content, particularly among audiences who appreciate traditional animation techniques' craftsmanship and aesthetic charm.


  • Interest in Folklore & Mythology. Those who love Irish folklore and similar storytelling traditions. Market trends show a rising interest in stories inspired by folklore, mythology, and cultural heritage as audiences seek diverse and authentic narratives that resonate with their identities and experiences.


  • Appeal of Fantasy & Adventure. Those who love being transported to mystical landscapes and intertwining ancient legends with modern struggles. Market trends suggest a strong demand for animated content that offers immersive worlds, epic journeys, and compelling narratives, particularly among family audiences and animation enthusiasts.


  • Diverse Representation & Inclusive Storytelling. Those who love folklore and rural landscapes that explore themes of cultural identity, community, and resilience. Market trends indicate a growing demand for diverse representation and inclusive storytelling as audiences seek stories that reflect their lived experiences and celebrate diverse cultures and perspectives.


  • Streaming Platforms & Digital Distribution. Those who prefer streaming platforms and digital distribution channels versus box office films. Market trends show a shift towards digital consumption habits, with audiences seeking on-demand access to a wide range of content across multiple devices.


  • Cross-Media Opportunities. Those who love book adaptations into animated short films. Market trends suggest a growing interest in transmedia storytelling, where narratives unfold across multiple platforms and mediums, including books, films, games, and merchandise.


The Secret of Kells (2009) is known for celebrating Celtic mythology and folklore, featured a hand-drawn animation style reminiscent of medieval art.

Wolfwalkers (2020), set in 17th-century Ireland, combined hand-drawn animation

with a distinctive visual style.

the opportunity


THIS PROJECT, based on Blanca and the Ogham Stone, presents a unique opportunity to create an enchanting cinematic experience inspired by Irish folklore and animation classics from an American perspective. With a carefully planned production, distribution, and revenue generation strategy, the film aims to captivate audiences worldwide while staying true to its core values of truth, integrity, and storytelling excellence. Through strategic partnerships, creative marketing initiatives, and a commitment to artistic quality, the project aspires to leave a lasting impact on audiences of all ages, fostering a renewed appreciation for the magic of animation and the richness of Irish culture.

the team



Traitmarker Media, LLC | Owner

(615) 618-9741



South of Franklin Pictures | Owner

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