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Eamonn O'Keeffe

Actor & Children's Author


About the Author


In the spirit of the Seanchaí (traditional Irish storytellers), Eamonn O'Keeffe relays a children's story, inspired by events of his youth while growing up in a very different Ireland where faeries exist and banshees were at large. Young Eamonn and his sister Lella find themselves alone in the woods where they almost come face-to-face with Auld Carty, a mysterious man whom the parents of their village have warned their children about.


When Eamonn gets deathly ill and the Far Side boys take advantage, another mysterious person makes their presence known, coming to Eamonn in his time of need. Who is this mysterious person, and how does she help Eamonn heal and stop the Far Side Boys from making havoc?


Written for the child with a vivid imagination, Eamonn's magical story is sure to offer both a beautiful and breathtaking adventure from another place and time that the reader will swear that every word of it is true.

My name is Eamonn O’Keeffe or in Irish, Eamonn O’ Chaoimh or O’Cuiv. We can have many names. I love history. When I was very young, my uncle found an Ogham stone next to an ancient Irish fort. Ogham is a way of writing in ancient Ireland by carving lines at different angles. You will see it in this book.


After driving a truck for years, I found out I was skilled in arts and crafts. So I studied silversmithing and goldsmithing and brought my skill to America for a few years. I came home and heard about Vikings, the History Channel television series. I was fortunate to play in it for every season from beginning to end. I also played East Watch, Night Watch, and a crow under John Snow on Game of Thrones. I was also featured on the film The Green Knight.


I hope that you enjoyed this book, based on my life as a kid.


About the Illustrator


My name is Cristina del Moral, a.k.a. Quene. I’m originally from Madrid, Spain, but lived in Dublin, Ireland from October 1998 through the Summer of 2019 when I decided to move to Valencia! I’m a visual artist, visual communicator, photographer, and illustrator with a bachelor's degree in design visual communication from DIT Dublin Institute of Technology (now called Technological University Dublin).


I have done a wide range of artistic mediums like etching, drawing, painting, computer processed imaging, photography, and collage to demonstrate my unique creativity which has been described in America as “sentimental nostalgia” and “retro-medieval.”


Like Eamonn, I have had the honor of playing small roles on the History Channel’s Viking television series. Another outlet for my creativitity!

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