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by Mindy Dougherty


Veteran Memoir. Childhood Trauma.

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US Army Veteran Mindy Dougherty embodies a remarkable warrior spirit that commands attention. Her resilience and strength in overcoming childhood abuse, PTSD, and numerous medical adversities are deeply inspiring.

Despite navigating a lifetime of trauma, Mindy chooses a path of positivity and healing. Through humor, gratitude, and her passion for gardening, she not only finds solace for herself but also empowers others. Mindy's garden, aptly named Feed My City, serves as a beacon of healing, growth, and wellness for individuals grappling with their own struggles.

In this narrative of her life, Mindy Dougherty emerges as the epitome of a resilient warrior, showcasing the transformative power of resilience and the profound impact of fostering community healing.

Remarkably Resilient.

Mindy Dougherty has endured trauma and adversity that would end lives. One of her many medical conditions, chronic regional pain syndrome, is nicknamed “the suicide disease” because the full body pain and burning that sufferers experience are relentless, which had driven some of these patients to suicide. Despite this, Mindy is blessed with a warrior spirit and continues to fight her way to better health. The resilience and strength she employs to overcome has been inspiring others worldwide for over two decades.

Rather than be defeated by the obstacles that litter her path, Mindy adopts a spirit of humor and appreciation, claiming that comedy is her remedy. Her desire to serve those in need has formed most of her actions from the time she was a young girl. Her years in the U.S. Army as a field medic and later as a Registered Nurse allowed her to serve the immediate medical needs of those in her care. 

Despite being plagued by one medical adversity after another, Mindy’s warrior mentality drives her to heal her body and her mind. Mindy is a fighter who practices many healing modalities, such as meditation, neuro linguistic feedback, WATSU, writing poetry, walking the canyon, and gardening to create a better life for herself. 

As she was overwhelmed with her own medical tragedies and thinking that her death would be soon, Mindy used her savings to create a garden that would feed the less fortunate in her community. That garden has turned into Feed My City and is one of the finest parts of Mindy’s legacy. Her garden in Oregon has provided the opportunity for her to heal from the inside out and the power she feels from that is undeniable. Her desire to spread that healing one seed, one plant and one garden at a time for others and their communities is contagious and she hopes you will join her.
If you would like to initiate growth and healing for yourself and others, visit to see how you can become a part of this very important movement.

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