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 Little Samurai tells the striking tale of a young boy's journey to find his way home after tragedy strikes his family. When wolves separate him from his parents, he encounters a noble samurai who becomes his guide and protector. The little samurai learns valuable lessons about courage, caution, and resilience through perilous obstacles.


As they brave dangers together, the bond between the two grows stronger, leading to a heartwarming conclusion that emphasizes the power of inner strength and the guidance of mentors.


Richly illustrated, Little Samurai celebrates the spirit of perseverance and the wisdom passed down through generations.

Let's Walk Home tenderly traces a family's odyssey through life's trials and triumphs, depicted in poignant illustrations and heartfelt narrative.


From the dire situation of their home country to the bustling train station, readers journey alongside Joseph, Asenath, Lydia, and James, witnessing their love, sacrifices, and resilience unfold. As Joseph and Asenath have to leave their children, their selfless sacrifice sets the stage for Lydia and James to navigate life's uncertainties, their shared dreams and familial bond guiding them through.


With each turn of the page, readers are reminded of the enduring power of love and family as Let's Walk Home tenderly celebrates the journey of life and the resilience found in togetherness.


The world is our stage... Perform!

ALFONSO A. MATOS has a background in law enforcement, military consulting, and filmmaking. He is an actor, screenwriter, and executive producer known for his work on various film and television projects, including reception of the IndieFEST Film Award Recipient Nomination.


Born in the Dominican Republic, Alfonso developed a passion for storytelling and filmmaking at a young age. Later, he pursued his interest in law enforcement, where he gained extensive experience in gang investigations, intervention, and military consultation, eventually becoming a renowned expert in gang and military affairs. 

Alfonso is based in Washington DC, where he enjoys exploring cultural and historic landmarks, spends time with his family, and continues to write screenplays that explore the human experience. Alfonso is set to build on his success as an actor, screenwriter, and executive producer as a fresh face in the action genre. He lives by the motto, “The world is our stage. Perform!”

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